restful sleepAirbeds and waterbeds are sleep solutions that offer numerous advantages compared to traditional or "trendy" bed products because they don't stray from the basic premise of healthy and comfortable sleep: even weight distribution with adequate air circulation. Airbeds do this while allowing for variations in how people perceive even weight distribution, while waterbeds do this while allowing for variations in the temperature people expect their sleep surface to pamper them with. Whichever approach you prefer, you will be hard pressed to find a better source for your bed needs since we manufacture our products right here in the U.S.A. and have decades of experience in making sure our customers are satisfied throughout their relationship with us and our products. From wood frame waterbed components to complete softside waterbed systems to complete airbeds we will treat your needs as one of the family of airbed and waterbed enthusiasts that we hope to have the privilege to serve.

Airbeds are unmatched in their ability to tailor a sleep surface providing reduced pressure points to the wide variation of bodies that we humans inhabit. Larger, rounder individuals will typically require less air pressure in their airbed to achieve the ideal anatomical alignment similar to standing posture than smaller, thinner individuals, who will typically require greater air pressure to achieve this alignment.

Softside Waterbeds offer the same benefits that Airbeds offer - reducing pressure points on our body and helping achieve ideal anatomical alignment suring sleep - but take a different approach. Instead of varying the "give" of the sleep surface allowing it to conform to our bodies they use water which naturally conforms to our bodies which are over 60% water and therefore of a similar density.

Whether you opt for an Airbed or a Softside Waterbed your choice will have one less factor to consider: both feature the positive attributes of LAVA bamboo viscose fiber for the outside of the cover. Compared with other textiles, bamboo viscose fibers have the following advantages:

  • Naturally anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic (even after 50 wash cycles)
  • Green and biodegradable
  • Breathable (absorption and ventilation)
  • Cool
  • Natural deodorization properties
  • High resistance against abrasion
  • Soft and supple
LAVA bamboo fabric