Wood Frame Replacement Watermattresses

Our Wood Frame Watermattress selection is designed to cover the gamut of what anyone could need from their watermattress. Whichever model you choose you can be sure of its quality and our commitment to making sure of your satisfaction. And yes, they're made by us right here in the U.S.A.!

dual option
Semi-waveless waterbed mattress Tempered motion for those who like variety with consistent quality features. Semi-waveless waterbed mattress
Waveless waterbed mattress Moderate wave reduction combined with the original waterbed feel. Waveless waterbed mattress
Extra-waveless waterbed mattress Extra waveless comfort combined with our generous feature set. Extra-waveless waterbed mattress
Super-waveless waterbed mattress Nearly total wave reduction makes this mattress as popular as it is. Super-waveless waterbed mattress
Ultra-waveless waterbed mattress Ultra firm central lumbar support for better body alignment and comfort with complete wave reduction. Ultra-waveless waterbed mattress
Ultimate-waveless waterbed mattress The ultimate in flotation sleep thanks to ultra firm central lumbar support with maximum wave reduction. Ultimate-waveless waterbed mattress